Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crazy Life!

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy. I've been busy hanging out with friends, a trip to Adventureland, and Phi Theta Kappa meetings. Many nights I didn't get home until after midnight and got up the next morning to go to work. That in itself is pretty exhausting. Last weekend I thought I would have the weekend to relax and get caught up on sleep. Boy was I wrong! I ended up having my cousin Laila all weekend. My parents weren't home much to help me out so it was just me and Ladybug. We had so much fun together :) She's walking now so I have to keep an extra eye on her because she's quick. I thought she was playing with my apples in the kitchen when really she was in the bathroom pulling toilet paper off the roll. It's hard to get mad at her because she sure is a cutie :)

While she was sleeping in my bed I painted her toes green to match mine.

Last weekend was also when I started talking to this amazing girl, S. I am a huge Broadway fan so I know alot of actresses who are on Broadway. Not alot of people know who I'm talking about when I mention one of them but this girl knows just about every actress that I do! She listens to their music and has soundtracks from their shows just like me. She even watches Grey's Anatomy and Glee. We have so many things in common it's crazy! We have figured out one thing that we don't share, my love for Taylor Swift. S doesn't like her voice. Well, compared to Broadway actresses Taylor's voice isn't that great but I love her music and her personality so she will continue to be my idol and inspiration. I could go on and on about how much S and I have in common but it would probably bore you to death so I won't. I think my favorite thing about her is that she shares my dream of having a very diverse family. I've always wanted biracial children. I really like that we're both on the same page when it comes to relationships. We have both been hurt so we aren't looking to jump into anything. We are definitely doing the friends first thing which I think is how it should be because you have to have a good foundation to have a good relationship. J and I didn't have a foundation so we ended up falling apart and getting hurt. I really don't want to do that again. I don't even remember when the last time I talked to J was. I know that she texted me and pissed me off because she was being immature and gave me an attitude when one was not necessary. I haven't tried to talk to her and I'm not going to. If she decides to grow up and wants to be friends with me I might consider it but right now I don't need that in my life.
On a happier note, I learned how to scan at work on Friday :) I guess I'm sticking around for a while since my supervisor wanted me to be trained on the scanners. I've made friends at work and they make it suck alot less. Work was drama free until about a week ago. One girl apparently is still in junior high. She told me something personal about another coworker who was not keeping this item a secret so I would have found out anyway. I was telling the other coworker that I had heard the news from junior high girl. If you tell this girl something personal everyone else is gonna know about it. She's a gossip. The other coworker didn't really care that I already knew. The next day another coworked told junior high girl what I said about her. Now junior high girl won't talk to me. Everyone thinks it's ridiculous how immature she's being because I didn't do anything wrong. I wasn't spreading rumors about her, I was simply stating a fact. I guess she can't handle the truth. It doesn't bother me, I'm just really entertained by it :)


  1. Glad to have you back posting again!

  2. I am glad to be back. Once school gets started and I start doing that are worth blogging about I will be posting more often.

  3. Sounds like S and you will be hanging out together. She sounds nice too. Taking it slows is a good plan.

    And how adorably cute those green toenails are!..did she giggle when she woke up and saw them?

    Are you still learning how to play the guitar? I'm thinking about taking lessons, a community thing for 6 weeks. Was wondering if you were still playing.

  4. S really is great :) We haven't been able to find a time to hang out yet. We both have crazy schedules but we hope to get together soon.
    Aren't they adorable? She smiled when she saw them but then she looked at me confused. She wasn't sure what to think of having green toenails.
    I am still learning how to play the guitar. I havent sat down and played for a while. Work is exhausting sometimes and usually I just make excuses not to. I know I really should because I love music and I enjoy playing when I find the time to.