Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spanish Capitals

In high school I took spanish for four years. When you learn spanish you have to learn culture with it because so much of the language comes from the culture of the people who speak it. Each country has a different of speaking. They have their own colloquial terms that could mean something completely different in another country even though it's the same language.
Along with learning the culture of spanish speaking countries we had to learn the capital of each country too. My high school teacher had a rap song to help us memorize them. This song gets really annoying after awhile but it really sticks with you! The chapter that we are currently studying in my college spanish class has us learning the capitals of spanish speaking countries. When I saw that we were learning capitals this song immediately popped into my head 3 years after I last heard it. We got to listen to a little bit of it in class today. I didn't have the opportunity to view the nice little video that goes with it.

Central American Capitals

South American Capitals

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