Wednesday, June 16, 2010


On Tuesday I got to enjoy my last day of freedom with my ladybug :)
Ladybug is my adorable 10 1/2 month old cousin, Laila. I just love her!
We went to the mall and walked around for a while. Well, I walked and ladybug rode in the janky stroller. Trying to turn with this stroller is easier said than done lol. I was going to let her play in the play area but when we walked by there were so many kids that I didn't feel comfortable having her play. We went to Barnes and Noble where I bought myself a book of guitar excercises. I've already learned the basics so I might as well start playing something that sounds like music. Up until now I've just been working on switching between chords so it doesn't really sound like much. I also bought the cute little ladybug page clips in the picture above.
After the mall we headed over to my house. I introduced ladybug to my outside kitty, Mittens. I wanted her to pet Mittens so I stroked her back to show her. Laila decided that her head seemed like a better idea so she just went for it and ended up basically smacking Mittens in the face. Poor Mittens! I showed her my inside kitty, Bitty. There is nothing bitty about this cat at all lol. She is enormous! I didn't bother to show Laila how to pet Bitty because once I put her on the floor Bitty cowered in the corner and hissed if Laila got too close. Bitty is a spoiled baby so if anyone or anything comes into her environment and hogs all of the attention she gets very defensive.

Laila's favorite thing to do was stand at the sliding glass door and bang on it while trying to get Mittens on the other side. She was so cute! My dad got a kick out of her banging on the glass and then screaming when she couldn't get the kitty on the other side. After our long day Ladybug was tired so I decided to take her home. She passed out in the car and when I got her home she was so out of it that she didn't recognize her mom. Lol. We had a wonderful day!

Earlier I mentioned that Tuesday was my last day of freedom. I say this because I GOT A JOB! I have been looking non-stop since I got out of school and have applied at so many different places. It really seemed like nobody was hiring. I had no luck. My mom was telling her friends about how I've been looking for a job and haven't found anything yet. One of her friends Lacey said that they needed help in her company and offered to help get me a job there. I went to the website she told me to go to and I had to submit a resume to apply for the job. I had a resume but I made it my senior year of highschool so I had some major updating to do. I updated the crap out of my resume and sent it in Sunday night. I didn't hear anything Monday, then Tuesday morning Lacey told me to call Human Resources so I did and the rep told me that since I know Lacey and they need a ton of help they wanted to go ahead and get me started that day. Well, I was watching Ladybug so I couldn't start Tuesday. I started today at 9am and filled out paperwork and then was introduced to the department I would be working in. I was busy all day long which is something that I need. I hate not having anything to do. I worked on alot of different things and it was alot to take in but it's not too hard once you get started. I'm considered part-time but I can work up to 35 hours a week. I could work four 8 1/2 hour days which is 34 hours or I could work five 7 hour days and get 35 hours. I chose to work the five 7 hour days so I can be more flexible with my schedule. I can go in early and get off early or I can go in late and get off late. Which ever I feel like doing. The four 8 1/2 hour days sounded pretty cool because I would get a day off during the week but my supervisor would get to pick which day and I would rather work short days than really long days. My mom suggested that I work 8:30 to 4:00 so I miss the rush hour traffic. I just want to work as many hours as I can during the summer so I can save up money before school starts. My hours are going to go down drastically in the fall because I'm really only available on Mondays and Fridays after 11:00 am. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I get out of school later so I would only be at work for maybe an hour. I'm planning on sticking around and making some money.

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  1. I'm glad you got a job and that Laila has a cousin that loves her so much.