Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sore Fingers

I have had my guitar for a week now and all I can say is OUCH! My fingertips on my left hand are super sore. It hurts to type, it hurts to touch the screen on my iTouch, it hurts to open a can of pop, and basically it hurts to do anything that requires the use of my fingertips. I keep telling myself that the pain is worth it. Eventually it wont hurt anymore and I'll be jamming on my guitar like there's nothing to it! But for now I can play for about an hour and then I have to give my fingers a break. I make sure that I sit down everyday and practice for at least 30 minutes.
I think I've come a long way in a week. I have been working on memorizing the shapes of chords and switching between them. Some switches are easier to make than others. I have also learned a few simple songs. I know how to play Frere Jacques, The Star-Spangled Banner, Happy Birthday and I can even play the intro line to Taylor Swift's "Tear Drops on My Guitar".
Today I bought thumbpicks and a capo(that's the bar thing that goes across the strings)with my birthday money. I love my thumbpicks! They make picking so much easier. Strumming is alot easier now too because my pick feels more stable. A thumbpick wraps around your thumb and to me if feels more stable than strumming with a flat pick.
I can't wait to get sheet music and really start playing!


  1. Awesome! I'm sure I'll be where you're at soon! Although I definitely need my fingers to work! OUCH!!

  2. Haha! I totally understand :) My fingers are getting better. They don't hurt as bad now. If your fingertips hurt it means you're doing it right.