Monday, December 27, 2010


The butterflies are back! Oh, how I've missed them.
I've gone on dates and talked to plenty of girls since J and I broke up but none of them have given me butterflies until now :) I don't get to see her until Friday though. It's the only day that I have off and I don't have to work the next day. I'm a little nervous about a first date on New Year's Eve but I don't think that will really matter if the chemistry is there and everything falls into place like it should. I'm nervous but it feels like a good nervous. I think it would be bad if I wasn't.
You're gonna think I'm a goober when I tell you how we met. Well, a friend of mine thought I was a goober when I told her so you probably will too. She is facebook friends with a girl I went to highschool with. The girl I went to high school with is also gay. I was looking through her friends list one day out of boredom and this girl caught my eye. I clicked on her profile and I couldn't see much since I wasn't friends with her but I saw a cute girl who looks like a ton of fun. I decided to message her telling her that I thought she was cute and I decided to be really forward and ask her out. It worked! We've been talking ever since. I'm so excited to take her out on Friday. I found out that her favorite flowers are roses so I'm gonna surprise her with a rose. I'm not sure what color yet but I will keep everyone posted!


  1. Rock on! Keep us posted on how it goes :-)

  2. I'm so excited! I will definitely keep you posted on how it goes :)