Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Year in Review 2010

Alot has happened over the past year. 2010 was kind of a crappy year for me but I think it was for a lot of people.

1)Spring semester started and with it came a whole new group of people to come out to. At this point in my life I made it very obvious that I am gay by what I wore. Apparently, some people don't pay much attention (straight guys). It was so frustrating to me that people thought I was straight. :(
2) I was invited to join the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society of the two-year college. This was something I worked very hard to earn and when my invite came in the mail I was so excited! :)
Life: 1 Taylor: 1

1)My bedroom was finally completed after 10 months of not having a functioning bedroom! :)
2)My 6 month coming out anniversary! By this time I had come out to just about everyone. :)
3) I met an amazing girl, Jessi. She made me smile, laugh and enjoy life more. :)
Life: 0 Taylor: 3

1)I was dating Jessi and things were going great. :)
2)I came out to my extended family. Most of them found out over facebook when I started dating Jessi. :)
Life:0 Taylor: 2

1)Jessi and I celebrated our one month anniversary. :)
2)Jessi broke my heart. Not only that but she was unnecessarily mean to me. :(
Life: 1 Taylor: 1

1)I went to the Taylor Swift concert! :)
2)I tried to go on a date to help me get over Jessi. It didn't turn out so well. She didn't call me back. :(
3)I turned 20! I got a guitar. :)
4)I met another girl who was a ton of fun. However, we weren't looking for the same thing. :(
5)Jessi and I started talking as friends. At this point :)
Life: 2 Taylor: 3

1)I got my first job. :)
2)I spent alot of time with my ladybug :)
3)I met yet another girl. She seemed pretty cool at first but then not really. :(
4)I was trying to be friends with Jessi but I was only getting hurt. :(
Life: 2 Taylor: 2

1)I came out at work and I didn't recieve any negative feedback. :)
2)Still trying to be friends with Jessi :(
3)Realizing that I hate her and I have a reason :(
Life: 2 Taylor: 1

1)I hung out with my friends alot before they went back to school. :)
2)I spent alot more time with my ladybug :)
3)I was talking to a girl, Stefany, for a while. She wasn't honest with me so I broke things off. :(
4)Trying not to figure out why Jessi wanted to be friends :(
Life: 2 Taylor: 2

1)Fall semester was getting started and I was loving my classes. :)
2)I started talking to Corinne. We were both interested in dating. Two weeks later she told me she has a girlfriend. :(
Life: 1 Taylor: 1

1)I decided to be friends with Corinne. :)
2)I visited her in Omaha and I had a blast. :)
3)I told Jessi to get out of my life because being friends with her is not possible :)
4)I went on a date with a girl named Jessica. There was no chemistry almost instantly. I'm on of those girls that just knows if I am attracted to someone right away. :(
Life: 1 Taylor: 3

1)I was crushing hard on Christine in my chem class. She's straight. :(
2)I got a speeding ticket. That was a $114 lesson I will only have to learn once. :(
3)I was cast in the spring play at school! :)
4)Jessi texted me just to see if I would react. I didn't :(
Life: 3 Taylor: 1

1)I was interviewed for the school paper and the article was published. :)
2)A girl who goes to my school saw the article and added me on facebook. We talked all day. She waited until 11pm to tell me she had a girlfriend. :(
3)Beautiful little Janae recieved her angelic wings :(
4)I met Whitney. I took her out on a date and we had a really great time. :)
Life: 2 Taylor: 2

Life: 16 Taylor: 22

I try not to dwell on the bad but this year it kept slapping me in the face. Hopefully, 2011 will be better. I have a feeling it will be :)

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