Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do I Need a Button?

Do I need a button a that says 'Hi I'm Gay' ?

Yet again, I have to let a guy down because I'm gay.

A really annoying guy sat next to me in Chemistry today. He flirted with me the whole time. I just wanted to say "Dude don't waste your breath or time flirting with me because it's not going to get you anywhere."

At first it seemed that he was just being friendly and wanted someone to talk to then it just got plain annoying.

He actually wrote in his notebook where I could see:
"Don't sit next to her lol >" yes he even drew an arrow pointing to me. I tried not to laugh at his failed comedy.

I'm pretty sure the "lol" at the end means he wasn't serious so basically he is bad at flirting and he doesn't have gaydar. If he really felt that way he would have kept it to himself or maybe, I can only hope, that he was serious.

I should get myself a button that says "Hi I'm Gay" just to cut out all confusion.

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  1. OK now it's just getting weird. You need to stop leading these poor boys on and get a big neon sign.