Sunday, January 24, 2010

Arizona Robbins

For those of you who have seen my facebook updates and if you have listened to me talk about Grey's Anatomy you know that I will swear up and down that Shonda Rhimes stole my personality and gave it to the character of Arizona Robbins.

Arizona is perky and fun and blonde. She wears heely's and she has little animals on her labcoat. She loves kids. She cries when she is challenging an authority figure. Arizona's passionate and tough. In pediatrics the kids' IV bags are filled with fairy dust, they play pretend and they are tiny humans. They are not just general surgery in miniature, they have their own specialty that takes extra years of training.

I've known who I am for basically my entire life. I've always known that I'm gay. I genuinely tried to be straight in highschool but with the boyfriend count at 0 it didn't go so well. I came out to my mom when she saw the poster of Kim Kardashian on my wall. Even if I wouldn't have come out I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have surprised her if I brought a girl home. My dad knew I was gay before I came out. He told people at my 19th birthday that he knew I was a lesbian he was just waiting for me to come out of the closet. I didn't come out in high school because I was in sports and I didn't want to deal with awkward locker room situations. Believe me a high school gym locker room is the last place I want to be checking out chicks.

To show you the similarities between Arizona and I rather than just tell you I have included a video to back up my claim that Arizona Robbins was created from my personality.

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  1. so like Arizona Robbins you're a good man to have in a storm ?