Monday, January 11, 2010

Do Only Gay People Have Gaydar?

I ask you this question fellow readers because I thought I make it very obvious that I'm gay by the way I dress, carry myself, adorn my backpack with rainbows, etc. Today was the second time that I have had a guy from school tell me that he likes me only to be disaapointed with the fact that I am gay.

In May a kid from my Composition class asked me out after the semester had ended because he thought I was cute. At the time I wasn't comfortable with telling someone who I barely knew that I'm gay. I also wasn't technically out so I probably wasn't even a blip on anyone's gaydar. I told him that I was going through some personal stuff and it would be better if I remained single, which was completely true.

Today a similar situation happened in the student lounge. I had a class last semester with this guy whom I will call T. I saw him today in the student lounge and gave him a nod acknowledging that I saw him. The next thing I know he is sitting at my table with me. I wasn't alone the whole time, a couple of people that I know through my friend B were sitting there and I joined them before they had to leave. T and I started chatting about classes and our teacher from last semester. It was mainly just small talk, then he asked me for my phone number. I know this guy and I think he's pretty cool so I didn't think anything of it. We parted ways and he told me he would text me later.

I was walking through Walmart trying to find the aisle of school supplies because I needed two binders for school when I get a text message from T asking me if I think he's cute. I texted back 'Dude I'm gay'. He replied with 'No way I didn't know that. I'm sorry.' Just to let you guys in on something, he saw what I was wearing today and no straight girl would wear a dress shirt and tie. He saw me last semester when I wore shirts and ties. I feel bad for T because he liked me but at the same time I don't. It was no secret in my drama class that I'm gay. I sat by my friend C and she is also a lesbian who makes it very obvious. My friend B knew I was a lesbian on the first day of class. There were no secrets. I'm pretty sure that there was one day that I announced it while we were all goofing around before class. I'm not sure if he was there when our teacher read our dreams that we wrote about but if he was then he would have noticed how very homosexual my dream was. I was playing football and scored the winning touchdown for the New York Giants (don't diss my Giants) when Portia de Rossi came out of the tunnel under the stands. I tried and tried to reach her but ultimately failed in my attempt when I woke up.

I texted C about what T asked and she thought it was funny. I didn't think so. C has a girlfriend and if you didn't know her personally you would think that she is a guy. I am proud to say that I knew she was girl from the moment I met her kind of like how B knew I was a lesbian on the first day of class. B is very straight and I completely respect that probably because I love her boyfriend, in a just friends way. She told me that my body language and the way I sat down made it obvious for her.

I guess B is an exception to my 'Only Gay People Have Gaydar' theory.

These two incidents are not the only ones, just the major ones that really help me establish my credibility. I had several guys hit on me/flirt with me over the summer. Most of them I met through my ex-bff AD. I can take a compliment and they are greatly appreciated. I just wish that some lesbians would get in on it too. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Strait people have gaydar it's just not as attuned as gay peoples. Yes, sometimes it just does not exists in some people but then sometimes it's harder to tell. Have you ever heard of the guy in high school that all the girls were in love with but then came out and no one that knew him would believe it?
    Don't worry about finding someone. Your gay will come.