Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guitar Frustration

I want an acoustic guitar so freakin bad! I have wanted one for at least the last five years. Guitars are expensive and I know this but yet my brother got one for Christmas one year. I have been asking for a guitar and still have yet to get my wish.

My 20th birthday is on Wednesday May 19th and the only thing I asked for is an acoustic guitar. That's the only thing I can think of that I even want.
I'm serious about teaching myself how to play. I was in band for 8 years while in school and I miss music so much. I have a clarinet that sits in my closet because who wants to play a clarinet? It's not any fun and I would have to discipline myself to learn the fingerings all over again. I know I will get frustrated because I should know them. I haven't played clarinet since my junior year of High School in Marching Band. I played the Oboe in concert band. My senior year I played the bass drum so I haven't played my clarinet in a good three and a half years. You also can't sing while playing the clarinet which is one of my objectives while teaching myself to play the guitar.

I have a musical ear but it's out of practice. By listening and tuning my guitar I hope to be able to learn to control my voice better and hear the notes that I am singing.
I have a checklist that I used to determine whether this is something that I really want to do.
1) Ability to read music - Check
2) Guitar lesson book downloaded to Adobe Acrobat from iTunes - Check
3) Guitar chords from my fave songs copy and pasted into word documents - Check
4) Accepting the fact that the fingers on my left hand are going to hate me - Check
5) Guitar app on my iTouch to practice for the real thing - Check
6) Getting frustrated that the screen on my iTouch is too small for chords - Check
7) Knowing what notes the open strings are (EADGBE) - Check
8) Listening to songs that I like and trying to memorize the rhythms - Check
9) Thinking that Taylor Swift playing a 12 string guitar is pretty BA - Check
10)Been inspired to play by Taylor Swift from the first moment I saw her - Check

Now all I need to do is go shopping for my guitar. I hope that time is VERY VERY SOON!!! I've been waiting for this for years.


  1. Go and buy that guitar girl. Until then steal your brothers. Also go to Indianola buy some strings for his guitar. That irritates me that it is still missing a string.

  2. I have to have money to buy a guitar.
    He has a string, he just needs somebody to put it on for him. I don't want to steal my brother's guitar because I have to plug it in to the amp to hear it.


  4. Wow, that's easy. I can do that myself.

  5. Correction. Travis does not have a string. His dumbass friend restrung it for him and broke it while trying to tune it.