Friday, April 1, 2011

Family Dinner

I had dinner with Tricia's family last night. They remind me so much of mine! Her little brother is so similar to mine when they were his age. It was so weird! I found them very refreshing because they actually sit at the kitchen table as a family and they have manners. We sit at tv trays in the living room or we eat in our bedrooms. Her mom reminds me alot of a friend's mom. She talked to me alot so I think she likes me :)
After dinner, Tricia and I went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Best ice cream ever!! Well, besides Coldstone it's the best ice cream ever.
Grey's Anatomy was epic!! We both thought it was hilarious that our conversation during the commercials would immediately stop when Grey's came back on and we would resume like there was never a pause at the next commercial. Tricia has promised to wait to watch next week's episode until I get back from Seattle. I know that if she watches without me she's going to let things slip and I don't want any spoilers!
She is so easy to talk to! I love that I can talk about theater, Broadway shows, Broadway actresses and all the amazing things they do with their voices and she knows exactly what I'm talking about! I don't have to explain something that I'm passionate about to her. We both have met Idina Menzel and adore her!
We both love small children too! During the summer I posted about my ladybug and all the fun stuff we do. I get to watch her on Saturday and Tricia is hanging out at the mall with us!
A huge difference between Jessi and Tricia is that things are actually moving at a comfortable pace. She hasn't tried to kiss me yet which I'm not complaining about because Jessi mauled me on the first date. I also love the playful banter between us! It's the friendly exchange of insults which is actually really adorable and kinda flirty. I couldn't do that with Jessi. She would say something to make fun of me but if I gave it back to her she would pout. Tricia throws it right back at me. She didn't even notice she was doing it until I told her I liked that about her. I noticed it because I look for it. Jessi made me aware of it and it's a trait I look for because it shows that a girl has self-confidence and she's mature enough to handle herself in the real-world.
From the way things are going I think Tricia and I might have something great.