Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Warning! Vomit-inducing blog post!

I have these little things floating around in my stomach. I think they're called Butterflies. I've had them before. They are always welcome in my stomach :)
I met a girl, Tricia, last Thursday. She came to see a performance of my play. She caught me in the lobby afterwards and we started talking. We hit it off right away. She was wearing a rainbow studded belt and commented that I have one at home just like it. I couldn't believe that I was talking to a girl who is totally my type and not mention she's a lesbian! That never happens to me!
She was with a friend but decided she wanted to go somewhere and talk. I suggested Village Inn because it's open late and you can order just about anything you want. The host sat us at a booth and I thought that Tricia would sit by her friend so I slid into one side. What do you know! Tricia sat down right next to me. I ordered fruit because I can never eat much of anything after a show. Tricia and her friend shared Nutella crepes. They picked at them because they weren't very good. When the bill came Tricia grabbed it before I could. She's a sneaky one! Usually I like to pay but she beat me to it. When I got home I got a text from her saying she had a really great time. I did too :) I thanked her again for paying and she told me that it was a lovely meal and it was her pleasure. She didn't like what she ordered so I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about the food. We texted all day on Friday and over the weekend. Some of our texts are kind of nauseating. We made plans to hang out again this Thursday. We both want to watch the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy, so why not watch it together?
She lives at home with her parents but so do I so that's not a big deal. She asked her mom if I could come over on Thursday. Her mom said I was welcome to come over and have dinner with them too. Whoa! Hold up! I haven't even taken this girl out yet and I'm already meeting her parents and having dinner with them?! Talk about pressure! I won't just be meeting her parents. I'll be meeting their foreign exchange student, Alice, and Tricia's little brother. I'm kind of freaking out. All my friends said I'll be fine. Everyone loves me. However, there are some people, believe it or not, who do not like me.
I hope I'm not too nervous to eat and I really hope they like me! Tricia likes me, but I want her family to like me too! Her mom seems like a pretty cool lady. Tricia sent me a transcript of their conversation when she asked if I could come over.
Mom: "Is this girl someone with, uh, romantic potential?"
Tricia: "Yes mom"
Mom: "Thank god! You've had a huge dryspell!"
Ahahaha! Her mom is so awesome.


  1. I did vomit a little in my mouth. STOP being so cute. It's gross. You will be fine. Her family sounds cool and she sounds super cool.

  2. I too felt the vomit creep up in my throat. Enjoy dinner and keep us posted!!!