Monday, June 13, 2011

Recap and Gay Pride!!

I know it's been forever since I last blogged but I got busy with the end of the school year and nothing exciting enough to blog about has really happened since then.
Recap of April and May and then onto Gay Pride!!
Tricia and I decided to just be friends. We are way too much alike to date each other and she's a little too young for me.
My student play White Picket Fence was a hit!! Our audience at the evening performance loved it!!

I went to Seattle for the 93rd Annual Phi Theta Kappa International Convention.

May: I graduated with my associates degree.

A serious pic with my best friend Alex.

A silly one cuz we had a ton of time to kill before the ceremony.

Now onto Gay Pride 2011!!
Tricia and I went to Kansas City Pride last weekend. I drove 3 hours one way just to see Chely Wright. The only out lesbian country singer. If you don't know who she is then shame on you! She does so much for the lgbt community. She has an organization called LikeMe her latest album and her first book were released last year. A bar owner donated money to her booth so young people who are low on funds could have Chely's music for free. I got her latest album and her Damn Liar dance remix cd completely for free and had them both autographed. We stayed after her concert and got to meet her! She is the sweetest. She looks right into your eyes when she talks to you and really makes you feel special. She was genuinely interested in what I'm doing with my life and what I'm doing in the lgbt community. I told her that I was in an article that inspired an lgbt club on my college campus and when I'm a teacher there will be a GSA or some type of club that lgbt students can participate in.

This weekend I went to Pride in Des Moines. I had tons of fun with all my friends on Saturday night. I got a little intoxicated (I'm legal now!!) and thought it was a good idea to talk to Jessi's current girlfriend. I recognized her from her facebook picture. Jessi wasn't with her which I'm surprised that she was even there if Jessi wasn't there too cuz she never let me have a social life outside of her. Anyway, I was polite and introduced myself. I don't really remember what all I said to her but I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything rude.
I went again on Sunday to see the parade and other festivities with Tricia. I did see Jessi on Sunday for the first time in over a year. Every time I saw her she was all over the GF. That doesn't surprised me one bit. I had a ton of fun with all of my friends and I'm so glad that I don't have a GF like Jessi to monopolize all of my time. I could go wherever and do whatever with whoever I wanted and I had a blast!!
I've always been completely honest with you guys so I feel that I should tell you that I made a decision on Saturday night that probably wasn't a very smart one. It's not one that will get me into trouble but it will hurt someone if they find out. I'm not proud of it. It's over with now and I can't take it back.

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