Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Recap

I haven't posted since June and I sincerely apologize. My first day of classes at Simpson College is tomorrow so I thought now would be a good time to post a recap of what I did this summer.

June/July was filled with play rehearsals, work and parties.
Rehearsals for Bland Mary and Daisy began May 28th and we ended our run at the Civic Center on July 23rd.

DAISY is a delightful piece about a child’s first social dilemma:
choosing the perfect birthday gift for a friend. The play is not without
reflection, as the gift from this very ordinary child must bring acceptance into the social elite. Provides insight into the social hierarchy of children and the necessity of owning a “Gucci” bag at the age of twelve. Daisy was written by a 10 year-old girl.
I think the casting for this play was ridiculous. This isn't coming from jealousy but I think I should have been Daisy and Alex should have been Bob Yamaguchi. She had the Eastern Asian accent in the auditions and did it way better than any of us. I wouldn't ever say this to her face but I think she was horrible as Daisy. She wasn't interesting to watch or listen to. Her voice did not fit the part at all.

The cast of Daisy with our 17 year old director.

Me as Bob Yamaguchi. He loves his bonsai trees.
BLAND MARY is a comedy which examines how the modern world and its relentless stimulation has dulled our senses; our ability to listen, see, and even taste. Central to the play is Mary, a typical teen-ager, thoroughly immersed in a world of technology. With her companion lap-top, Ipod, and texting, she has become blind to the world around her.

I was the television thief. No one noticed that the tv was gone until scene 3. I stole it in scene 1, right under the nose of a blind man.

One day we decided to have a parade with all of us dressed up in wacky costumes. This is what our 'parade' turned into.

Chain Gang

All of August I have been working like crazy to save up money. Hanging out with my friends pretty much every weekend.

Le Boi Bar for my friend Kollan's birthday!

One of very few pictures of me at a party in Ames.

The Huff Theatre group at the Fourth Street Theatre for The Andy Hartley Show!

And a week before classes start I got caught in a traffic jam on the interstate and this is what happened to my car. I'm completely fine. The only damage was to my car. I hit a truck with a trailer hitch so that's why it looks so bad. There was construction that no one knew about. Stupid people were stopping traffic to merge into one lane. Each time we started moving again we got going a little faster. While I was checking my clock and my mirrors traffic must have stopped again because the truck in front of me was way too close. I slammed on my brakes and turned my wheels to try to drive onto the shoulder. I didn't have enough room and I ended up hitting the truck. I'm borrowing my grandpa's car to drive to work and school. I have no social life until my car is fixed or if one of my brothers lets me drive his car. Actually the no car thing has gotten me out of some stuff that I didn't really want to do but I was too nice to say no. At least something good is coming out of this situation.

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