Saturday, September 10, 2011

College Excitement

I have survived 2 weeks of classes at Simpson College and I LOVE IT!!!!
I'm making friends in my classes. I have a huge crush on one L.C. She is the most peculiar girl I have ever met and even her name sounds cool. I'm not quite sure what to think of her yet. We are partners for the History of Molecules project that we were assigned on the first day of Organic Chem. We drew molecule names out of a box and L and I happened to draw the same one. She is captivating. I think she'd make a pretty cool friend. We have a break between classes at the same time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Friday she invited me to hang out with her during our break :D
So far I like all of my classes. I have a bigger work load than I thought I would but it's nothing that a little time management can't handle. I cut down my work hours. I've found that working more than 8 hours a week just doesn't work for me. I wish I could afford to live on campus. However, with home being only 20 minutes away I think I would be tempted to sleep at home in my own bed way too often. I wouldn't be able to handle roommates. Upperclassmen dorms and apartments on campus have more than two girls in each unit. The dorms have 2 quads with 4 girls each sharing one bathroom and the apartments are 2 bedrooms with 4 girls and one bathroom. I can't stand sharing a bathroom with my brother at home. I get my own room at home and I don't have to worry about anyone coming and going while I'm trying to sleep or someone snoring and keeping me awake all night. Oh, and paying for gas in my car is way cheaper than paying room & board and paying for a meal plan. I think I made a smart decision by staying home. I also learned that I can put money on my account at the dining hall so all I have to do is swipe my ID card to buy food instead of carrying cash all the time. That is awesome!! I'm there all day on Thursdays so it will be nice to be able to get lunch and stay on campus. There are plenty of places that are very near campus but I think the dining hall might be the cheaper option.
I am loving Simpson way more than DMACC. I see my Biology professor 4 times a week in class but I see her almost twice as much outside of class. I practically live in the science building so when I'm in there I usually run into her. I also like that the faculty interacts with students outside of class and office hours. At DMACC you had to make an appointment, hope they were in their office or make sure you asked questions in class. Never have I had a professor approach me while I was studying and ask me if I had any questions or needed any help. I definitely made a great choice to continue my education at Simpson.

My mom talked to the guy who is fixing it for me and it should be fixed by Monday or Tuesday. He got all the parts, and he's painting it for me for $700. I am so excited to get my car back! I miss it so much. The car I'm driving is nicer than mine but I don't like the way it handles and it just isn't comfortable to drive. I want my car.

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