Thursday, December 24, 2009

My mystery present is revealed!!

Back in November my mom told me that she had a mystery present for me and I would never be able to guess what it is. She told me it's something that I really want but I didn't ask for it. I knew it couldn't be anything on my christmas list because I showed it to her. I was puzzling over this mystery present for a good long while. It was driving me nuts that she got me something that she knew I really wanted but didn't ask for. I thought that all I wanted for Christmas was what I had asked for. It wasn't really much. I want an Ipod touch, an acoustic guitar, a bookshelf for my mountain of books, that really cool push up bra from Victoria's Secret that makes you look two cup sizes bigger (I could use a couple more cup sizes), and there were a few other things but I don't remember what they were. I'm still getting my room redone because my bedspread and my pictures that my mom found have been sitting in the living room waiting for the basement to be finished so I can put them in my room. I didn't have much to open because my room is part of my christmas presents. I had three boxes sitting in front of me while my brothers had a pile of boxes. I wasn't jealous because I'm too excited about my room and my mystery present. Plus the amount of money spent on me equaled what was spent on my brothers so it all evened out and I'm grown up enough to understand that quality is better than quantity.

It has always been tradition in my house to open our presents from mom and dad at home on Christmas Eve, that's why I can tell you about them now. The first present I opened was my pictures. They were all wrapped up nicely after being framed so I had to unwrap them to show everyone else. Then I opened a box that had a book all about Taylor Swift. I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan so that was a really cool gift by itself. Now there are two square boxes that have been sitting with our presents in the living room since the day we went Christmas shopping. One is medium sized and the other is small. They sat on top of the presents stacked on top of each other. I knew they were part of my mystery present and having them sit there where I could see them was driving me even more crazy than before. I was instructed to open the bigger box first. I took the ribbon off and inside were three wrapped presents. I opened the first and it was Taylor Swift's debut album, the second was Kellie Pickler's debut album, and the third was Gloriana's debut album. I had a feeling about where this gift was going because I know that Gloriana and Kellie are on tour with Taylor for her Fearless album. I opened the little box and sitting inside were two tickets to Taylor Swift's concert at Wells Fargo Arena on May 6th. I immediately burst into tears. I was so overcome with emotion. I never thought that I would ever have the chance to see Taylor live in concert because her concert tickets sell out in two minutes. My mom got presale tickets and then won two more tickets on the radio. My mom, me, my aunt and ten year old cousin are all going to see Taylor Swift in May!!!!

Some random facts about me and Taylor:
1)We are both named Taylor
2)She is 5 months and 6 days older than me
3)If she weren't a singer she said she would want to be a surgeon, I want to be a surgeon.
4)She was bullied in school by girls who she thought were her friends, I did too. Who doesn't?
5)We both have an odd obsession with Grey's Anatomy and the character of Denny Duquette.
5 1/2) We both cried when Denny died at the end of Season 2.
6)We both think that Ellen Degeneres is one of the coolest celebrities ever.
7)We both graduated with the class of 2008.
8)We both like to conduct random baking experiments.
9)We both think little kids are awesome. I want to be a pediatrician so that's kind of a requirement.
10)She is a girly girl while I am a tomboy.
11) Her preferred outfit is a sundress and cowboy boots. My preferred outfit is jeans, a tshirt, and sneakers. I do however own a sundress and cowboy boots from her clothing line at Walmart.
12) Her song 'You Belong With Me' is my theme song. I was that girl in high school.
(All of the info on Taylor Swift was taken from her myspace, blogs, and the awesome book that my mom bought me.)

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