Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 10 Fictional Lesbians

This is my list of my top ten fictional lesbians. I'm sure that there are many deserving characters who could be on this list but this list is mine and it reflects only my opinion.

10. Dr. Erica Hahn played by Brooke Smith on Grey's Anatomy

A hard nosed Cardiothoracic surgeon, she is the definition of a power dyke. If only she knew that before hooking up with Callie Torres and then breaking her heart. She might still be on the show.

9. Nadia Karella played by Jessica Capshaw on the L word

Nadia was Bette's teaching assistant who had the hot's for teacher. Their relationship was more of a one night stand than an actual relationship. All I can is that Nadia is hot and that's why she makes the list.

8. Shane McCutcheon played by Katherine "Kate" Moennig on the L word

Shane in a androgynous love 'em and leave 'em type of girl. Shane has had so many sexual encounters that she is a hub on Alice's chart. Shane is just really cool.

7. Tasha Williams played by Rose Rollins on the L word

A military soldier accused and tried for homosexual conduct. She was mostly involved with Alice until a certain girl by the name of Jamie came into the picture. Tasha struggled with how little she had in common with Alice. Tasha likes girly girls though. There's something about Tasha that makes her incredibly hot. Rose used to be a model so I think that helps.

6. Alice Pieszecki played by Leisha Hailey on the L word

A journalist for L.A. magazine, she is the only one among her group of friends who is a self proclaimed bisexual. Her most notable relationships were with Dana Fairbanks and Tasha Williams. Alice is a girly girl.

5. Bette Porter played by Jennifer Beals on the L word

Bette is a dominant Type A. Her most significant relationship was with Tina Kennard with whom she shares her daughter Angelica. She was an art curator and dean of the CU School of the Arts. Bette has been linked to other women while she was not with Tina and when she was with Tina. She cheated on girlfriend Jodi with Tina and Tibette eventually got back together.

4. Joanne Jefferson played by Tracie Thoms in the motion picture RENT (Left)
3. Maureen Johnson played by Idina Menzel in the motion picture RENT (right)

Joanne is a public interest attorney. Maureen is a performance artist who stages a performance to protest the eviction of the homeless and artists from Tent City. Maureen dated Mark but continuously cheated on him and eventually left him for Joanne. Joanne tries to tame Maureen's wild ways by getting her to commit to her. Maureen agrees although reluctantly. Maureen's flirtatious ways lead to a fight at their engagement party. The breaks up but soon realizes that they can't live without each other. They share a picture because it's the only good one of them in character.

2. Arizona Robbins played by Jessica Capshaw on Grey's Anatomy
Yes Jessica gets two spots. I mean who doesn't love Jessica Capshaw?

A perky butterfly scrub cap and heely wearing pediatric surgeon. Her romance with Callie Torres started with the now infamous dirty bar bathroom kiss. She initially rejected Callie after learning that she had only been with one other woman thus calling her a newborn. Arizona has known she is gay from the time she was a teenager. She gave Callie her, what I call, Supply Closet Speech. She never had boyfriends, ever. She had a poster of Cindy Crawford on her wall and she wasn't just looking at her mole. It wasn't news to her mom when she brought someone home named Joanne. She doesn't celebrate birthdays they are just another day to her. She talkes about rainbows, relationships and crap according to Alex Karev. She sees tiny coffins in her sleep and there's nothing she can do about them so she continues to talk about rainbows, relationships and crap to forget about them during the day. She declared her love to Callie in the episode Invest In Love 6X08 which focused on her and her pediatric cases. If you replace the Cindy Crawford poster with a Kim Kardashian poster Arizona has pretty much described me. Our personalities are so similar that I swear Shonda Rhimes stole my personality and gave it to Arizona. We both love Callie so it could be true...

1. Calliope Torres played by Sara Ramirez on Grey's Anatomy

Callie's a badass, hardcore orthopedic surgeon that had me swooning even before I knew I was gay. The beautiful Sara Ramirez helps in the looks department. Callie fell in love with George and beared her heart to him. After their marriage fell apart due to his infidelity, she turned to the resident man-whore and her best friend, Mark Sloan to help her get over George. After making friends with Erica Hahn, Addison came up from L.A. and suggested that the two looked like a very happy couple. Callie dismissed it at first but they soon realized their true feelings. Addison's suggestion led to a string of events that include a kiss, an awkward conversation about northern mountains and the motherland with Dr. Bailey, a first date, non-sex sex with a girl, Calle cheating with Mark to test her sexuality and ultimately Callie's heart getting broken when Erica disappeared into the parking lot after an argument and never returning. Mark is there for support again but just as a friend this time. Callie is upset when Lexie won't stop talking about her relationship with Mark so she runs off to the bathroom to compose herself. Then along comes Arizona Robbins. Arizona tells her that people are lining up for her when she's done being upset. Callie askes her for some names. Arizona kisses her and says "I think you'll know." Their relationship was a little rocky at first but they made it through. Arizona declared her love for Callie and so many emotions played out over her face. I thought she was going to freak out but when her whispered "I love you too" came over the black screen before the credits I almost exploded. That moment right there made up for the lack of Calzona couple time on screen. We have seen two more or less pecks on the lips in season 6. Shonda and Jessica say that there is some sexy Calzona time coming up next year. Fans have been bombarding Shonda with questions about why we don't see Callie and Arizona be intimate when we see every other couple in that light. The fans want equality!

There are so many more lesbian characters that could have made this list but in my opinion these ten are the best. Many of them simply made the list because I swoon over them. It's my list and I can put whoever I want on it.

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