Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

My last day of 2010 ended up being a good one that led right into my first day of 2011. If the way I spent New Year's eve is any reflection on how 2011 is going to be then it's going to be a great year!
I took Whitney out on a date. I paid :) Some of her friends work at the restaurant we went to so I got to meet a few of them. They seem pretty cool but having 4 extra people at our table towards the end of dinner wasn't really what I had in mind for a first date.
Her friends were having a New Year's get together/party and Whitney wanted to at least make an appearance. We didn't stay very long. It was kind of boring and all most of them wanted to do was sit and smoke weed. I'm not really into that and Whitney knows this so we got out of there. My friend Becca invited me to the party at her boyfriend Justin's house. Becca and Justin were the only people I knew but it didn't take me long to meet everyone else. This party was way more fun. Everyone was so much more approachable and just fun to be around. Whitney looked like she was having fun.
Screw the freakin butterflies. It felt like I had birds flying around in my stomach last night. I didn't have feelings this strong so soon even with Jessi. It's kind of freaking me out. Have you ever wanted to kiss someone so bad it hurts? Like it physically hurts? She wouldn't let me kiss her because she doesn't like to kiss on the first date and I can respect that but it is not easy to deal with. When I dropped her off before heading home I missed her instantly.
We talked when I got home and we're gonna take things pretty slow. She scares easily and I don't want to push her away. We've both been hurt. I've only known leaps and bounds into a relationship because Jessi moved so fast and I didn't want to lose her. Taking things slow is gonna be new to me. Whit is gonna help me and we'll figure it out.


  1. I understand where you're coming from...I am in teh same place, so weird to read my own thoughts about a firs date from someone elses blog. Good luck to you!