Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homework.. UGH!

For as long as I can remember homework has always been a constant battle with me. I always had latework and missing assignments in elementary and middle school because I hated doing my homework. I would pass every test with flying colors but you wouldn't know it if you looked at my grades. In junior high the late work policy was strict and it was enforced. If you had one missing assignment you failed the class. The teachers would accept latework which was a god send for me. Getting half credit for an assignment instead of a zero was way better than failing out of junior high.
Once I got to highschool the teachers were way more lenient. My freshman year is one that I really don't like to remember at least the academic portion. I've always like science and my freshman year I had to take a Physical Science class. It was just a basic introductory course. I was bored. I liked the class and I knew the material but doing daily work was a struggle for me. I was one of those kids in highschool that you just wanted to punch in face because I never had to study for anything. I never studied for my science tests and I aced them every time. My teacher didn't understand me. Usually students do well on the daily work portion and poorly on the tests and quizzes portion of the class. What I'm saying is, if I know the material then I'm less likely to do the homework over it because it bores me. I already understand it so why do I need more practice?
I grew out of this phase my sophomore year of highschool and it has carried through until last semester. My fall semester grades were excellent. I loved school but now that I look back I hardly ever had homework. This semester I am taking a film class because I need a humanities credit and I have at least one paper due every week. It only needs to be a page long but actually sitting down and doing it is daunting. I hate it! I am behind in this class and I should have worked on it over spring break but I had no motivation. It also doesn't help that the films we have been watching just bore me to death. I have almost fallen asleep during the films for the past three weeks. We are supposed to be active viewers and we have to look at the cinematography and all sorts of stuff. It's hard to be an active viewer when the film does not hold my attention. I have a newfound appreciation for French films but that doesn't mean I have to like them.
I have learned something from this. No matter how much I hate homework and no matter how much of a battle it is I still shouldn't lie to my girlfriend about it. I just have to realize that she's not my mom and she's not going to lecture me but that fear is ingrained in my head and it's hard to break habits.

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