Sunday, March 7, 2010

She's so romantic

This week felt like one of the longest of my life. J told me that she had a surprise for me so this whole week I had been pondering about what it could be. When Friday afternoon finally came around, it was definitely worth the wait. I met J at our meeting place and she came out to my car with her surprise. She handed me a Valentine's coffee mug with three different candies in it. We had a conversation about our favorite candy on the phone and we figured out that basically we both like the same candy. I like some stuff that she doesn't like and vice-versa but for the most part we are pretty much the same when it comes to our taste for candy.

At this point I really liked my surprise. She put some of my favorite candies in a really cute coffee mug. I like candy and I like coffee. She told me that the coffee mug was a Valentine's one because she saw my twitter post that said I wished Valentine's Day came twice a year because I missed it this year with her. This girl pays attention!

She told me to take the candy out and read what was in the bottom of the cup. And this is what I saw.

J said it took me forever to answer but maybe that's because she was nervous :) It took me forever to answer because she took my breath away and I had to breathe before I could speak. There was a rush of emotion that I can't even come close to describing. I was actually going to ask her but I didn't have anything like this planned. She's so romantic and of course I said...


J has a blog too! You can find it here I'm proud to say that I got her to start blogging :) She reads mine and I read hers so there's no secrets.

"We don't lie to each other, there's no need. " (Mama K)

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  1. OK I'll post a comment. I saw this coming when you said you drove all the way to see her and she you. Also right after this Danielle, Toni, and I hunted Jessi down on Facebook. We all are happy for you kid and I hope you two stay a couple for sometime. :-)