Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last Saturday I blogged about the girl in my class who I have a major crush on. I kept saying 'Wednesday is the day'. Wednesday was not the day. We had a test in the lab portion of chemistry so I didn't get a chance to ask her what team she plays for.
I did let her borrow my click eraser for the rest of the test because she erases alot and the eraser on her pencil was looking pretty sad. She returned it to me yesterday in class.
It rained here yesterday so I dug my umbrella out of the back of my car. It's not very big but it does the job and keeps me dry for the most part. I'm not a very big girl so I don't really need a very big umbrella. Boy, do I wish I had a bigger umbrella. As I said it was raining yesterday. This girl and I usually walk out of class at the same time. I've also noticed that if I take my time or rush to put my stuff away she does the same. Anyway, we walk out of class together every day and we have to walk outside to get to our next classes. I can't walk the whole way with her because we have classes in different buildings but I can walk about halfway until I have to turn to go to my building. When we walked outside yesterday it was still raining so I put up my umbrella. It wasn't raining too hard but it was enough to walk in with wet hair. What I should have done was put my umbrella over her so she wouldn't get rained on. What I actually did was think about asking if she wanted to share and also think about just putting my umbrella over her. I literally wanted to kick myself 5 minutes later when I didn't just do it.
So, this coming Wednesday is going to be the day barring any unforseen complications.
On a side note, I did pass her on the interstate on my way to work yesterday. I saw her car or what I hoped was her car in front of me so I switched lanes when I caught up to her (She was going kinda slow so I didn't have to speed). As I passed I saw that it was her but she didn't look over, when I got ahead of her I switched lanes to get in front of her. My car is very distinctive from the back. I have a rainbow bumper sticker that says "Come out, come out wherever you are". I switched to the slow lane hoping she would catch up to me. When she did she had the goofiest grin on her face and she was waving at me pretty excitedly. She's excited easily so sometimes it's kind of hard to read her enthusiasm. I waved back and proceeded to keep driving. I got her to acknowlegde me, my goal had been achieved. She slowed down and sped up a couple more times to drive by me.
I think all the signs are there. I'm not sure if I'm reading them right.

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