Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drama! The Good Kind

This story started on Thursday. My best friend B was in the fall play. Thursday morning during my break at school I caught a performance and I was amazed! She played "Grandma" and when B walked onto the stage in her costume I had to do a double take. I could not believe that was my best friend. She is so amazingly talented.
I ended up going back later that afternoon. I watched the second performance from the wings backstage. I arrived about halfway through because I had a test earlier. I spent the rest of the afternoon with the cast. I rocked at charades. Then it was time for cast photos. The director told me to go put on a costume and I was going to be in the pictures just to make people scratch their heads and say "Who's that?" I found a dress and hair ribbon to make myself look like a little girl. After the pictures were taken he told me keep the dress on and be in the play. At the very end the kids at the birthday party hold hands and dance around the girl sitting on the couch. I got to be one of the little kids! I did it Thursday night and Friday night. I couldn't do the day performances because I had class and I had to work. After the last performance and after the set has been torn down the cast has a small awards ceremony. There's a traveling scholarship (Who travelled the furthest), rookie of the year, Niehaus Award (Who brought the most at every rehearsal - voted by fellow cast members), Best Actor and Best Actress (voted by the audience). I was a late addition and I wasn't even in the program so I wasn't expecting to get any votes but apparently somebody thought I was pretty great because I got one vote for best actress. B thinks it might have been her mom who voted for me. Another kid who basically did the same thing I did got four votes. He was in more performances than I was.

Here's what I looked like:

I didn't have any lines and I got about 30 seconds of stage time but I still had a blast.

I recieved my script for "White Picket Fence" and it is adorable! My character is going to be a challenge. She is insecure about how she looks so she transforms herself into the ideal woman described by the male lead. I have a pretty hefty role. The entire second scene is all me. My male counterpart sleeps downstage through the whole thing. We have about the same amount of dialogue but my part is incredibly physical. I have to climb over the picket fence and I walk all over the stage. I also have to have a conversation with a doll. I have a costume change too. Usually there aren't any costume changes. It's pretty simple. I wear a red sweater and a white skirt for the first two scenes and in the third scene I wear a floral print blouse with my white skirt. I'm super excited about the white skirt because I have one that is really comfy and it twirls. I'm working on channeling my feminine side and I might have to practice walking in heels but I'm not sure what shoes I'll be wearing yet.
The script for the spring play hasn't been written yet. The director writes parts specific to our abilities. I probably won't get that until January.

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