Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drama! The Good Kind

This story started on Thursday. My best friend B was in the fall play. Thursday morning during my break at school I caught a performance and I was amazed! She played "Grandma" and when B walked onto the stage in her costume I had to do a double take. I could not believe that was my best friend. She is so amazingly talented.
I ended up going back later that afternoon. I watched the second performance from the wings backstage. I arrived about halfway through because I had a test earlier. I spent the rest of the afternoon with the cast. I rocked at charades. Then it was time for cast photos. The director told me to go put on a costume and I was going to be in the pictures just to make people scratch their heads and say "Who's that?" I found a dress and hair ribbon to make myself look like a little girl. After the pictures were taken he told me keep the dress on and be in the play. At the very end the kids at the birthday party hold hands and dance around the girl sitting on the couch. I got to be one of the little kids! I did it Thursday night and Friday night. I couldn't do the day performances because I had class and I had to work. After the last performance and after the set has been torn down the cast has a small awards ceremony. There's a traveling scholarship (Who travelled the furthest), rookie of the year, Niehaus Award (Who brought the most at every rehearsal - voted by fellow cast members), Best Actor and Best Actress (voted by the audience). I was a late addition and I wasn't even in the program so I wasn't expecting to get any votes but apparently somebody thought I was pretty great because I got one vote for best actress. B thinks it might have been her mom who voted for me. Another kid who basically did the same thing I did got four votes. He was in more performances than I was.

Here's what I looked like:

I didn't have any lines and I got about 30 seconds of stage time but I still had a blast.

I recieved my script for "White Picket Fence" and it is adorable! My character is going to be a challenge. She is insecure about how she looks so she transforms herself into the ideal woman described by the male lead. I have a pretty hefty role. The entire second scene is all me. My male counterpart sleeps downstage through the whole thing. We have about the same amount of dialogue but my part is incredibly physical. I have to climb over the picket fence and I walk all over the stage. I also have to have a conversation with a doll. I have a costume change too. Usually there aren't any costume changes. It's pretty simple. I wear a red sweater and a white skirt for the first two scenes and in the third scene I wear a floral print blouse with my white skirt. I'm super excited about the white skirt because I have one that is really comfy and it twirls. I'm working on channeling my feminine side and I might have to practice walking in heels but I'm not sure what shoes I'll be wearing yet.
The script for the spring play hasn't been written yet. The director writes parts specific to our abilities. I probably won't get that until January.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good and Not So Good

Let's start with the not so good. I always like to end on a happy note.
The not so good is that I asked the girl in my class what team she plays for, sadly it is not mine. I didn't just flat out ask her if she's gay. I told her my ex drama so I asked if she has any ex drama. She said no. I asked if she didn't have drama because they don't exist or they just aren't big jerk faces like mine. Her ex is a big jerk face who broke up with her after dating for a year and a half through a text message but that was a long time ago and she hasn't dated anyone since. I'm not too terribly disappointed that she isn't gay. I was hoping she was but I always had it in the back of my mind that it was just my wishful thinking.

Now on to the happy stuff!
Since the start of the semester every time I run into the drama teacher at school he asks me if I want to be in a play. This semester I couldn't because I have class during the rehearsal period. I took Intro to Theater with him last fall and he loves me, mainly because I am a good student, I'm mature for my age, and I have respect for people that not alot of college kids have. This guy doesn't like anyone. He can be the biggest douche in the world and I've seen him in many different lights but I still like him. All semester he has been begging me to audition for the spring play. Auditions were held on a Friday so I told him that I wouldn't be able to make it because I have to work. He let me audition right there. He found someone in the current play to read with me and that was my audition. Little did I know that five of the nine student directors for the Spring Festival of Plays were in the room during my audition. I'm glad he didn't tell me until afterwards because I would have been a wreck. I'm comfortable around him and I know what he looks for so I was pretty confident going in even though I had no idea what to expect.
I am cast in the spring play!! Apparently I made such a great impression during my audition that I was instantly drafted by one of the student directors so I am also cast in a student written and directed play for the Spring Festival of Plays. The student play that I'm in only has two characters so I'll have a pretty hefty role. It's called White Picket Fence and supposedly it's a romance. The other actor and I aren't really sure what's going on right now. Hopefully we will soon and I can update you guys!
I recieved an email tonight saying that this year's Spring Play is also a Civic Center production which means we will have performances at the Stoner Theater! Usually it's the summer play that is the Civic Center production. I'm so psyched!

I love comments. They make me feel special :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last Saturday I blogged about the girl in my class who I have a major crush on. I kept saying 'Wednesday is the day'. Wednesday was not the day. We had a test in the lab portion of chemistry so I didn't get a chance to ask her what team she plays for.
I did let her borrow my click eraser for the rest of the test because she erases alot and the eraser on her pencil was looking pretty sad. She returned it to me yesterday in class.
It rained here yesterday so I dug my umbrella out of the back of my car. It's not very big but it does the job and keeps me dry for the most part. I'm not a very big girl so I don't really need a very big umbrella. Boy, do I wish I had a bigger umbrella. As I said it was raining yesterday. This girl and I usually walk out of class at the same time. I've also noticed that if I take my time or rush to put my stuff away she does the same. Anyway, we walk out of class together every day and we have to walk outside to get to our next classes. I can't walk the whole way with her because we have classes in different buildings but I can walk about halfway until I have to turn to go to my building. When we walked outside yesterday it was still raining so I put up my umbrella. It wasn't raining too hard but it was enough to walk in with wet hair. What I should have done was put my umbrella over her so she wouldn't get rained on. What I actually did was think about asking if she wanted to share and also think about just putting my umbrella over her. I literally wanted to kick myself 5 minutes later when I didn't just do it.
So, this coming Wednesday is going to be the day barring any unforseen complications.
On a side note, I did pass her on the interstate on my way to work yesterday. I saw her car or what I hoped was her car in front of me so I switched lanes when I caught up to her (She was going kinda slow so I didn't have to speed). As I passed I saw that it was her but she didn't look over, when I got ahead of her I switched lanes to get in front of her. My car is very distinctive from the back. I have a rainbow bumper sticker that says "Come out, come out wherever you are". I switched to the slow lane hoping she would catch up to me. When she did she had the goofiest grin on her face and she was waving at me pretty excitedly. She's excited easily so sometimes it's kind of hard to read her enthusiasm. I waved back and proceeded to keep driving. I got her to acknowlegde me, my goal had been achieved. She slowed down and sped up a couple more times to drive by me.
I think all the signs are there. I'm not sure if I'm reading them right.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Give a Former Track Runner a Car...

I am my father's daughter through and through. I am hard-headed and fiercely independent. You can tell me not to do something until you are blue in the face and it still won't sink in with me. I have always had to learn things the hard way. It sucks but I only do it once.
Today's lesson was "do not speed in the 55mph zone just outside my hometown. The state trooper sitting across the highway will pull you over and give you a speeding ticket." Usually I am very aware of my speed while driving through that zone. There have been many accidents at the main intersection from my hometown onto the highway. Precautions such as lowering the speed limit and moving a turn lane to make traffic more visible have been taken to reduce accidents. I make sure that I don't speed through there because I don't want to be in an accident or cause one right there. I've seen some of them and they are pretty bad.
Part of me thinks the trooper was full of shit when he said I was driving 74mph in a 55mph zone. I very well could have been this morning. I was running late and on the way out of town the highway is on a downhill so its very easy to speed and not realize it.
I got off easy. Instead of writing me a ticket for 19 over and emptying my bank account he knocked it down to 6 over. I still have to pay $114 but it's not a moving violation.
This is why you shouldn't give a former track runner a car. I have a need for speed. Now I have to find a way to satisfy that without costing me $114 or aggravating my horrible shin splints. Suggestions?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I've got it bad

There is a girl in my chemistry class that I am crushing so hard on right now. I've kinda had a crush on her since the beginning of the semester and I like her more and more every day. All we ever do when we are together is laugh. We have an inside joke about Tootie Fruities, the generic brand of Fruit Loops. I won a bag of Tootie Fruities at Grocery Bingo a few weeks after the semester started. I had to take it into lab with me cuz I didn't have time to go to my car. I was so excited that I won Tootie Fruities because I never win anything when I play Bingo. She thought it was the most hilarious thing ever, how excited I was about this dang bag of cereal. Now all I have to say is "Tootie Fruities" and we burst into hysterics. No one else understands so they all give us weird looks. We know why it's funny.
She's been really flirty since the beginning of class. During the first lab she stood really close to me while I was doing things and she still kind of does. There's plenty of room for her to stand a little further away but I don't really mind :) We're lab partners so we spend alot of time together during the week. We've had quite a few conversations. She knows I'm gay and she knows about J.

Here's the thing. I have no idea what team she plays for. I've talked about J so she knows that J is my ex. Never once has she said anything about an ex or even a current relationship. Maybe she hasn't dated anyone yet. I don't know. My friend MS also in my Chemistry class sees her flirtiness too. I can't really tell if she's flirting with me or if it's just her personality. Neither one of us can figure her out. It's so frustrating!
I've decided that Wednesday is the day. I'm not gonna make a move cuz I don't want things to be awkward but I am definitely going to find out what team she plays for.

Wish me luck!