Saturday, February 13, 2010

My bedroom is done!

Carpet was installed in our basement on Tuesday.

I finally get to use my new bedspread!

And I can hang my pictures back up on my walls!

I'm not a big fan of this table but since it has a piece of glass on it I thought I would customize it. My first Wicked book was destroyed when the basement flooded but the pictures were salvageable so I tore them out and dried them.

Mimi is now in my room! She seems to be liking it. There's not as much traffic and noise.

There is actually a whole other side to my room. These pictures only cover the back half. Once I get my track medals framed and hung I will show you those and the other side. The wall to the left of bed contains my bookcase and a couple of posters that are for my viewing eyes only.


  1. =( so sad that your Wicked book got ruined in the flood!!

    <3 Rent I got my playbill signed the second time I saw it.

  2. Carolyn-I have a new Wicked book now. It's sitting on my bookcase right next to Kristin Chenoweth's biography.
    I love rent too. I have a whole blog post dedicated to my trip to see RENT the Broadway Tour. It was amazing! I have a RENT poster on the other side of my room.