Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Room is Done!

I finally got my Track Medals framed so now I can show you the rest of my room. I'm so excited that it's finally done! Being inconvenienced for 10 months is far too long.

I told my Dad that I was going to buy a Camaro. The poster is the closest I will be getting for a long time. I painted those ceramic flip-flops myself at a pottery studio. The purple squiggle clock came from a friend of my Mom.

I love my dresser. I got it for my 17th birthday when were moving into this house. My curtains and my high heel chair continue the pink from the pictures above my bed to the other side of my room. Hanging on the door is my zippie collection. I have twelve hooks and each hook has multiple zippies and/or jackets on them.

My Wicked poster that I took out of the newspaper. It was printed on my younger brother's birthday. The day after tickets went on sale here for the tour.

My RENT poster that came in my program booklet. It was folded up in the program. On the other side is the cast and crew bios.

Finally! All of my track medals are up! The first frame is my freshman year. It has my State Track shirt, all of my medals(7), a picture of me and the wrist band I wore at the state meet.
The second frame is my sophomore year Cross Country/Track ribbons and medals along with a picture of me and team. The plaque above the small frame is my award for Newcomer of the Year in Cross Country.
The small frame contains my ribbons and medals from Cross Country my Junior year. I never ordered team pictures when I was in Cross Country. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I never really felt that we were a team.
The last big frame is my senior year. It has my State Track shirt, all of my medals (18 all of them are third place or better except one), the number that I wore on my shorts for one of my relays that qualified (Only the anchor leg wore a number on her shorts), my wrist band and a picture of me and the team.