Friday, February 5, 2010

Where are you carpet?

Today is Friday February 5th the day I have been waiting for for months. Today we were supposed have new carpet installed in our basement. However, when I arrived home yesterday I was informed that carpet will not installed until Tuesday. Our landlord didn't have time to finish putting all the trim on the walls. If he would have said something I'm sure that my dad would have been more than happy to do it for him. Hell, I would have done it for him! I know which pieces go on which walls because it me who walked around the basment with a pen and paper recording all the measurements. Now I feel even more displaced because we had to clean out more of our stuff so there is less stuff for the carpet guys to move. Just great! This is going to be a great weekend... but Monday is a really big day for me! Stay tuned to find out!

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